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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Booking Engine…..
  • Booking Engine Gift Cards are valued at $249.00.
  • A Booking Engine Gift Cards can be used on to save up to $249.00 off the lowest competitor’s price on over one million resort and hotel destinations around the world.
  • Booking Engine Gift Cards can also be used in over 8,000 Car Rental Agencies, purchase Weekly Stays and thousands of activities as well.
How long do I have to use the Booking Engine Gift Card?

Booking Engine Gift Cards are good for 1 year from the date they are issued.

How much do I make when I refer someone to

You profit $50 when someone you refer becomes a fully Licensed member of Inc. and they start savings hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on travel.

How much do I make when someone I send a Booking Engine Gift Card to purchases a membership and becomes a fully Licensed member of Inc.

$50.00 For each new fully Licensed member of Inc.

When do I get paid?
  • All deal credits and or partial deal credits are paid the week they become due.
  • You are paid weekly for all deals that are credited and become due in any given week.
  • You receive a deal credit the same day it is made. The amount of $15.00 of the total $50 in 2-3 days and may fall in the same week the deal is consummated. If the deal closes near the end of a week it will be part of the following weeks payout provided it is in good standing. The Balance of $35.00 is credited to your account on the 31st day following the deal close providing it has stayed in good standing.
Do I get paid for anyone whom purchases Activation Codes?

Yes $2.00 on each Activation Code Purchased.

How can I earn an extra $20.00 on deals?

Bring on Businesses. When they send gift cards or upload a list to send gift cards that result in membership sales, that business earns $50.00 for each deal and you will receive $20.00. Now that’s an affiliate program!